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The UnMetta Sutta

Page history last edited by Peg Syverson 11 years, 9 months ago

The UnMetta Sutta


This is what should be accomplished by the one who is strong,

who seeks the power and has obtained victory:


Let one be indolent, entitled and insincere,

without shame, easily offended and wrathful;

let one be submerged by the things of the world.

let one take upon oneself the burden of riches;

let one’s senses be sated;

let one be wild but not pulled over;

let one not desire small possessions even for one’s family;

let one do nothing that is wise or that the rich would reprove.


May all beings be frightened.

May they be fearful and live in danger.

All living beings whether weak or strong,

in high or middle or low realms of existence,

small or great, visible or invisible, near or far,

born or to be born, may all beings be frightened.


Let no one revere another, nor respect any being in any state;

let none by wisdom or compassion wish well-being to another.


Even as an assassin at the risk of his life

watches over and protects his only gun,

so with a boundless appetite should one terrify all living things,

suffusing war over the entire world,

above, below and all around without limit;

so let one cultivate an infinite selfishness toward the whole world.

Exploiting or bombing, polluting or breaking laws,

during all one’s waking hours

let one cherish the thought that this way of living is the best in the world.

Abandoning thought or reason, having no conscience,

freed from concern for consequences, one who craves power

will ever again know rebirth in the cycle of creation

of suffering for ourselves and for others.

Peg Syverson



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