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The Muse

Page history last edited by Peg Syverson 11 years, 11 months ago

The Muse


Stop begging.

You will be lucky

if he only winks at you

across the room.

If he touches your elbow,

murmurs something in

your ear, don’t

under any circumstances

rummage about in your purse

for a bit of paper and a pen.

Far less to try to live with

this one-eyed shiftless

lout— his unexplained

absences, his refusal

to follow a schedule or

to work for pay. And then

there is that dangerous

gleam in his one good eye,

the tussle on the bed

that leaves you breathless

drenched in sweat

and crazy for days on end...

No, you don’t want

that, his shameless

promiscuity and moody

silences after.

Stop begging.

Watching him laughing and

at ease in the company

of others will slice

your heart right open.

Stop begging, right now,

and turn your attention

to anything else

while you still can.


Peg Syverson


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