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the fall

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the fall


First I fell into love

and you were there, and so

was my son

and my sister

and then my students and

friends were there

and the whole thing started to get

out of hand

and Tuesday night

I was falling into love

and a man I have never met—he

was there, tall and dark

and his family was there, and

I stood on the shore of a mighty

ocean, its waves were black

and brown, white and every color

of the rainbow and falling

deeper than ever into love...

250,000 people were there

in that love

and an army of men in blue

on horses, and the horses were in

love and in love with the city

and, finally, even this vast

nation falling into a deep,

boundless love so that

the whole world

was dancing in the streets

and singing about it

because there was no way

to contain it any longer.

Swept into the undertow

we surrendered to it and found

we were not drowning after all

but breathing

like the first time, together.


Peg Syverson

Grant Park

Chicago, November 4, 2008

Comments (1)

paddypea@... said

at 9:20 am on Nov 12, 2008

I read your poem last night before going to bed...then dreamed... all of us falling in love again. Paddy

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