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Returning from lunch

Page history last edited by Peg Syverson 11 years, 8 months ago

Returning from lunch, I stop


Returning from lunch, I stop

in the architecture garden

in the middle of a day filled with

meetings, email, conversations, work;

in the middle of a world filled with beauty,

chaos, destruction, fear, dread, and joy;

in the middle of my life, in the middle

of the activity I call the architecture garden,

where water splashes into a pool and

iridescent pigeons come to drink,

where squirrels chase each other

laughing madly, and dazed students

are flung in the grass, reading;

where we are sheltered and nourished,

bathed in light and shaded by trees,

in the middle of a sentence,

like Buddha’s bandit, stealing nothing more,

I just stop

Peg Syverson

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