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About the Teachers

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T. Flint Sparks, Ph.D.


Senior Resident Teacher, Ordinary Mind Zen—Austin

Flint is a licensed psychologist with over twenty-five years experience in the practice of psychotherapy. He works with adults in a private practice setting and sees clients in individual, couples, and group therapy. His academic training includes graduate degrees in both biology and psychology, with post-doctoral certifications in Hakomi Therapy and Group Therapy. Flint is also currently training with the Center for Self Leadership in the Internal Family Systems model.

Flint teaches and consults with a focus in two main areas: health psychology and the psychology of contemplative practices. His early research and counseling experience with the terminally ill inspired him to continue investigating the influence of the mind in illness and in healing. As a result, he expanded both his clinical training and his own personal work to include biofeedback, relaxation therapies, visualization, as well as more traditional meditation practices. His current teaching and training reflect this range of clinical and transpersonal experiences. As an example, Flint is an adjunct faculty member with the Seton Cove, a spirituality center associated with the Seton Health Network in Austin, Texas.

Along with his work as a psychologist, Flint is also an ordained Zen Buddhist priest and founder of the Austin Zen Center. He began his formal training at the San Francisco Zen Center with his teacher, Zenkei Blanche Hartman and has continued to work with Zenkei Roshi as well as her dharma heir and Austin Zen Center teacher and head priest, Seirin Barbara Kohn. Along with other teachers in the Soto tradition, Flint has been fortunate to also work with Ruben Habito, head teacher at the Maria Kannon Zen Center. He is currently a senior resident teacher for Ordinary Mind Zen in Austin.



Peg Syverson, Ph.D.


Senior Resident Teacher, Ordinary Mind Zen-Austin




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